Hot Stamping Process

Hot stamping ads a final touch to the design of a tube and improves the appearance for premium products.

Vista offers a range of standard foils however it is possible to color match foils to meet customer requirements but these would be subject to development lead times and minimum order quantities.

Flexible Plastic Tube Printing

Vista Packaging, Inc. has launched Flex Tech™ A superior innovation; with new levels of sophistication in achieving the most complex designs; utilizing various latest technologies. Flex Tech™ has the ability to eliminate labels, while maintaining a striking appearance. Flex Tech™ supports and enhances contemporary packaging with its photo like and label like representation.

Plastic tubes can be manufactured in many colors and finishes and decorated using a number of different processes and is available for tube diameters ranging from ¾" to 2".

Customizable Tube Color Options

Tube color can be matched to meet specific customer requirements, a wide range of colors, tints and pearlescent finishes can be achieved. However if the color of the product is a feature in itself then the tube can also be produced in a clear polyethylene.

Efficient Offset Printing for Preformed Tubes

Dry offset is the industry's standard form of indirect printing, used to apply your design onto a preformed tube. Plates with relief markings first apply the printing ink onto a blanket, which then deposits that ink onto the tube. The offset process is recommended for white or light colored tubes.

Enhanced Tube Finish with Gloss or Matt Lacquer Coating

The finish of the tube can be enhanced with a final coating of gloss or matte lacquer which also provides additional protection for the offset inks and tube.

Silk Screening Printing

Silk screen colors are stronger than offset inks and are useful when printing on darker colored tubes or when increased contrast is required. Vista Packaging, can silk screen up to six colors.

Tolerance Specifications for Offset Print, Silk Screening, and Hot Stamping

Offset print tolerance is +/- 1mm, relative to the tube shoulder.

Silk Screening tolerance is +/- 1mm, which can be registered to the cap or to offset printed design.

Hot stamping tolerance is +/- 1mm. Hot-stamping can be registered to an offset or silk screen printed registration mark.

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