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100% recyclable tubes & CAPS

Discover how we’re revolutionizing the plastic tube industry with revolutionary plastic tubes with caps that are crafted entirely from 100% polyethylene, overcoming the challenges of mixed-material recycling.

Production Process

Plastic tubes are manufactured, printed and capped in-line. Special decoration such as silk screening, hot stamping are secondary processes.

Tube Decorations

Plastic tubes can be manufactured in many colors and finishes and decorated using a number of different processes.

Technical Details

Vista is here to assist you every step of the way. Refer to our “fill capacity” charts to decide which tube size will enhance your product line. A graphic die-line for each tube diameter can easily be downloaded for your convenience.

Tube Specifications

Each tube we manufacture is custom designed to meet your precise requirements. Reference our detailed “Tube Specifications” for availabilities for each individual tube diameter.


Our wide range of various caps is designed to meet each application need. It includes Screw on, Flip tops, and unique caps for special usage and designs.


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