Vista Tubes


  • Extrusion in Tube Production

    This is the first stage of production; the polymer is melted and combined with a master batch pigment (if the tube is colored). The melted polymer is extruded into one long tube which is cut in to "sleeves" of the appropriate length.

    The tube sleeves are then transferred to the header unit where the shoulder is applied, the shoulder incorporates the nozzle, thread and orifice of the tube.

  • Capping and Sealing for Tamper Evidence

    A tamper evident membrane can then be applied to the tube nozzle (if required) prior to application of the cap.

  • Printing and Lacquering Process

    The tube is transferred to the offset printer where the design is printed on the tube. The offset printed design may consist of as many as eight colors. A final coating of matte, semi-matte or gloss coating is applied to the tube which is then cured in an oven.

  • Silk-Screen Printing

    Designs of up to six colors can be silk screened on the tube, the print can be registered to the cap or to any offset print on the tube.


  • Hot Stamping Process

    Hot stamping is a secondary process in which a foil design is applied to the tube. The foil can be registered to a registration mark with a tolerance of +/ 0.1mm.


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