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Vista Packaging offers plastic tubes with the highest quality and a wide decorative appeal by concentrating on selective product lines and utilizing the most modern production and printing technologies.

Vista Packaging, Inc. stands out above the rest with our clear competitive advantage in extruding and tube decorating, which will allow customers to differentiate their packaging and enable designers to fulfill their imagination.


is a significant part of

our reputation

Discover the future of responsible packaging with Vista Packaging's sugarcane cosmetic packaging solutions. Our innovative plastic tube packaging is crafted with sugar cane, offering an eco-friendly bio-plastic alternative that doesn't compromise on quality. Choose our sugarcane cosmetic packaging and take a step towards a greener planet.

bio-based sugarcane tubes
We take sustainability to
the next level with



With a patented process, we’ve crafted a groundbreaking 100% recyclable plastic tube packaging solution. For the first time in the US, both tube and cap are meticulously manufactured from PE, setting a new standard in cosmetic plastic packaging recyclability.

This pioneering approach places us at the forefront of sustainable packaging, a testament to excellence and an embodiment of the belief that true innovation harmonizes with nature.



with Vista Packaging

Our panoramic approach to cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging tube solutions considers the entire landscape of packaging needs and challenges.

customized solutions

From biodegradable materials to high-strength plastics, our diverse selection ensures we can meet every packaging need.

competitive edge

Benefit from large volumes and wholesale pricing that provide unparalleled value on plastic tube manufacturing.

High-End presentation

We offer top-notch packaging solutions that combine superior product protection with elegant design and finishing.

quality assurance guarantee

Rigorous quality checks and adherence to global standards for a packaging experience you can trust.

swift lead times

With high-speed equipment, we guarantee to deliver your packaging needs with faster-than-average production time.

leadership in sustainability

Experience environmental packaging and eco-friendly options that support your commitment to the planet.

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